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Property Services

In recent years we’ve seen a change to the way the holiday cottage industry operates. We are asked more and more by potential landlords if we can manage their holiday properties in their absence, and for this reason we set up a servicing section of Manor Cottages to deal with the day-to-day servicing of properties.

We offer our services in the majority of areas in the Cotswolds. We have a strong, longstanding and dedicated team who will look after your cottage as if it was their own and who will –

  • Prepare the cottage for new guest
  • Be the point of contact for the guests should they have any issues / questions
  • Inspect the cottage after a booking
  • Do all household duties – cleaning, laundry, waste disposal; etc.

What Happens?

Manor Cottages will visit your cottage and assess it for letting potential, after which we’ll arrange to visit and discuss relevant costs for running the property. Once the cottage is ‘live’ and taking bookings we will do what we can to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you, including the presentation for new bookings, the support required if something goes wrong during a customer’s stay and the ‘wrap up’ when a customer departs.

We’ll check maintenance issues and take necessary action as swiftly as we can. Out of season we’ll carry out winter checks and if the weather is of particular concern we’ll make an additional visit to the cottage, just to give you peace of mind that everything is ok. In short we’ll do all we can to treat the property as if it was our own!

Property Cleaning and Servicing cost

We think this service should be available to any landlord and not something that you should be charged for heavily, so like many other property services companies, we don’t charge you an inflated commission across the whole year on all bookings, we charge only for the time that we are active at a cottage, managing situations, cleaning and handling guest issues. We charge an hourly rate and specify all time spent in the name of total transparency.